Tax Planning

A bird’s eye view of your tax position will help you make strategic decisions to future proof your financial position.

Know exactly where you stand on your tax before the end of the financial year and put your cashflow on a firm footing – plus the chance to put tax minimisation strategies in place. Tax Planning takes place before the year end (between March and June) so it’s all about future proofing your financial position. By having a bird’s eye view of what your tax position will be, you’ll be able to:

  • Implement tax minimisation strategies before it’s too late
  • Plan tax obligations 12 months in advance
  • Include them in your cashflow projections

So what’s involved? We prepare a tax estimate that captures your ‘actuals’ and uses your budget/cashflow forecast to estimate what your 30 June position will be. Then armed with this information, you’ll have all you need to make strategic decisions about the options we present. Of course, there’s always a trade-off between how you allocate your resources – do you spend money on deductions to save tax or pay down your debts to reduce interest charges? Prioritising and planning makes all the difference.

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