Forecasting & Cashflow

Keep the potential of your business in your sights with a Cashflow Budget that’s future-focused for the real world.

We’ll keep you focused on the here and now, as well as your business future. However big or small your business is, you’re more likely to achieve success with a future-focused approach and effective cash flow planning. Comparing how you are actually performing with how you thought you’d be performing is one of the most enlightening processes you can implement in your business. There’s no point in doing a budget if it’s going to sit in your bottom drawer as soon as you have approval from the bank.

We’ll work with you to set your financial goals so we can measure performance and adjust strategies as necessary. With the right information to hand, you’ll have all you need to better plan and manage periods of fluctuation and future growth – to tell you if you’ll need finance down the line or help you decide on financing a new asset or buy it outright. Fast, firm decisions based on solid data.

By forecasting your business’s financial future, we focus on keeping your ambitions on track and your business potential fulfilled. Most importantly, we will keep it REAL.

Our Forecasting & Cashflow services include:

  • Working with you to create your master Cashflow Budget
  • Creating ‘what-if’ variations of your master budget such as a Big Audacious Goals budget, Extra Staff budget, Buy New Kit budget etc. Not just for dreaming’s sake, but because we believe in better
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