Business Improvement program

No matter how good things are going, an Annual Business Performance Review will keep you moving forward… and onto the next level.

Of course you’ll hear from us on a regular basis, but we like to catch up with you before the end of the financial year to check how you are going.  At this time, we take a step back,  review your numbers and plan the next steps to developing, improving and growing your business.

We’ll draw a line under the last year’s numbers, tell you if you are hitting your KPIs (sales, gross profit, debt levels etc.) and line up your figures against industry standards. We’ll use the results to:

  • Address critical issues fast, explore new business opportunities and ways to revitalising profit & cashflow.
  • Goal-setting for the year ahead. With the end goal front of mind, we’ll take what we’ve learnt from your numbers review and help you set your sights on the future with a clear plan on how to achieve targets. And to keep you right on track, we can create a cashflow forecast if that’s what’s needed.
  • Review the End Game. With the end in mind, confirm where you are in terms of your long term plan and current circumstances. This gives the focus and drive to achieve your goals. We track this using our One Page Plan

We also look at the “other stuff”:   whether you’ve outgrown your business structure, how long has it been since you’ve updated your wills, and whether you have an exit strategy vs a succession plan in place.

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