Last week, we attended Xerocon in Melbourne – an annual event that focuses on the latest advances and changes in the Cloud Accounting realm.


While Xero was at the centre with announcements of upcoming improvements, a range of Add-ons were also sporting their wares.

With the room filled with competing Accounting and Bookkeeping firms, you would expect them to keep themselves to themselves. This wasn’t the case – far from it, in fact. The venue was filled with banter and laughter as old colleagues caught up, new alliances were formed and businesses shared their take on what was happening in the financial services industry. It was also an opportunity to share ideas and discuss what works and what doesn’t.

It quickly became apparent that, although we were all using the same accounting software in Xero as the backbone for our practices, we all actually go about it in a different way. Why is this? Is there a perfect model? No. Each firm adapts the software to suit the needs of their clients.

For me, this further demonstrated the possibilities and flexibility offered by Cloud technology and its ability to add and remove features as your business evolves. With a range of secondary tools available, it’s easier than ever to quickly add extra functionality, while keeping the same accounting software at the centre – enhancing the experience for the ultimate users – you, the business owners.

We came away invigorated and excited about new ways of working with our clients. It also reminded us of the importance of not only working in your business, but the need to work on your business.

The next time a Conference or Trade Show takes place in your industry, ask yourself:

When was the last time you stepped back from your business? Are you on top of industry changes and opportunities? What are your peers doing the same or differently to you? Can you afford not to go…? You may just find that the best thing for your business is to take time out of it!